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Harvesting water in a public school! A project of climate adaptation in Cochabamba, Bolivia

January 05, 2017

Our team Suissetainable had the privilege to accompany Oscar Olivera, renown leader and fighter for the human right to have access to water, and his foundatin "Fundacion Abril". This was a last visit to the water harvesting system installed in a public school in Cochabamba (Bolivia), before the beginning of the school cycle in February 2017.


Healthy lifestyle promotion at the Yankee Stadium in the City of New York.

August 20, 2016

In association with Mixteca Oranization and the Exatec NY/NJ/CT Network, Suissetainable co-organized an event for the occassion of the soccer game between New York City Football Club and Los Angeles Galaxy. With the aim of promoting healthier lifestyles through physical activity we took 10 children and their parents to the stadium free of cost. 

July 07, 2016

We had the honor to present the results of our research work "Unsustainability in Modern Lifestyles" in the Wellness Week at the Wix-Lounge in Chelsea, New York City. Our main finding is the relation of unhealthy habits, such as overconsumption of fast food and sedentary lifestyles, and it's impact not only on our health but on the environment itself. If you want to stop global warming, you can start by changing yourself. 

June 18, 2016

Women and Wellbeing was an event organized by Mixteca Organisation in Brooklyn, New York. Suissetainable gave a talk about the importance of carring a healthy and sustainable life for mothers, as they are leaders and examples in each household. 

Green Festival Expo in New York City

April 24, 2016

The Green Festival Expo took place at the LEED certified Javits Convention Center, and it was the biggest festival of this kind in the USA. With the aim of promoting sustainable lisfestyles our non-profit-organization (Suissetainable) gave away 50 FREE tickets!

April 23, 2016

Suissetainable attended the conference of @Rajendra Pachauri about #ClimaticChange and the beginning of the project @POP to spread the world with sustainable initiatives at different levels!  In Cuarnavaca, Mexico at Cinema Planeta film festival!

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