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Promoting sustainability at the personal scale: a more sustainable lifestyle, in Brooklyn, New York.

18 of jun. of 2016​

It seems to be that until nowadays it is still a little difficult to understand the concept of sustainability or how normal people, as you and me, can do something to apply sustainable measures or solutions in our own performance, throughout our daily life.

Sometimes, people consider that sustainability or environmental care are boring topics, or they are done just for scientists. But, there are a lot of points where sustainability and humans are confluent on a very basic scale.

Just to mention a very important one, if we want to live a healthier and sustainable life, there are at least three elements that are common in societies with better health indicators and less incidence of lifestyle diseases (diabetes, coronary diseases, cancer, among others).

These elements are:

1) Food and beverages

They consume an important amount of natural and raw food.  Fruits and vegetables that are produced, distributed and consumed more locally. They also drink cleaner water.

2) Exercise

They walk, bike, run or exercise in general. They have more outdoors activities and consider them natural. So they train even if they don't call "training" to their exercises, because it is their usuall way of moving through life.

3) The natural component

Yes, they live closer to natural spaces, like parks, forests, mountains, rivers, etc. So they enjoy all of the benefits that the contact with nature can offer to humans, they obtain benefits just by visualizing them.

We had the opportunity to share this vision with the community of Brooklyn last Sunday.  We can adapt this lifestyle and ensure our health and our family's health. As the conference and fair were organized for women's well-being, we tried to communicate our message directly to the center of the family: The mothers of all those vibrant families.

Thank you Mixteca Organisation, and Together We Can for this invitation to share our concepts about a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle with our community from Brooklyn.  See you soon again!

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