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Green Festival Expo in New York City

24-26 of Apr. of 2016​

The Green Festival Expo took place at the LEED certified Javits Convention Center, and it was the biggest festival of this kind in the USA. With the aim of promoting sustainable lisfestyles our non-profit-organization (Suissetainable) gave away 50 FREE tickets! 

Guests included exhibitors, small business owners, media representatives, environmental advocates and community members who all share a commitment to making New York City more sustainable and green.

The event was a total succes and was even endorsed by former Mayor Bill De Blasio. 

"New York has always been known as a place where all people have the chance to build a fulfilling life for themselves and their families, and in order to keep this promise of opportunity alive for future generations, we must act now to build a stronger, more sustainable, and more resilient city." – Bill De Blasio.

"Having a sustainable lifestyle it is possible to cause less impact on the environment, produce less pollution and also fewer emissions"

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