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Article: Unsustainability of modern lifestyles: Consequences in health, environmental and
GHG footprint. 2015

This research examines the existing relationship between poor eating habits and lack of physical activity with obesity and preventable diseases. It also addresses the environmental effects of these bad habits, looking in particular at high emission levels. The research uses cases from the U.S. and Switzerland to illustrate differences in healthcare for general populations, confirming that those with bad habits have a bigger carbon footprint than individuals who take care of their health through good habits. In other words, the sum of “good habits” makes human life more sustainable.​

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Book: Public support for renewable energies: A comparison of Germany and Switzerland. 2014 


In 2009 Switzerland introduced a system to incentivate de production of renewable energies, the so called KEV. Germany has been implementing the same system since over 20 years ago, and due to its success over 45 countries have adopted the same system. In this book the reader will find a comparison of the data found in Germany and Switzerland and an economic analysis of the positive and negative effects of it in the economy. 

​*Book available only in German ​​

Book: Overview of public politics in the the renewable energies sector: Copared public politics, cases of Mexico and Spain. 2013


Renewable energies are a global priority worldwide at the countries' energy agendas due to their positive effects on the environmental, economic and social spheres, which fully identifies with the goals of the Sustainable Development. Various well-informed sources agree that the future of these energies depends on the design and implementation of Public policies on the matter. In this book, we reviewed the differences between public policies cycle on Renewables of Spain and Mexico. Main differences exist in the speed and quality of the design and implementation of energy laws and regulations and for instance in their results. 


*Book available only in Spanish​​

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