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Victoria Freyssinier, economist specialised in sustainability and energy.


She is an experienced economist that dedicated the last years of her professional career to energy and sustainability topics. She obtained her Bachelors at UNAM in Mexico, her country of origin. She has various studies in public politics, energy and sustainability. Amongst others, to be mentioned are her Master degree in Renewable Energies from IIFA in Spain and her Master of Science in Sustainability Management from Columbia University in the City of New York. Her formation is in economic analysis, evaluation of impact, public policies, energy policies and the design and implementation of sustainable solutions.Victoria has a great interest in the integrative vision of sustainability to adopt solutions at diverse levels and organisations, and recently she published a book about it. She has also great interest in the studies of impacts of lifestyles in modern societies, and also because of her own lifestyle, based in healthy nutrition y regular exercising, amongst other healthy practices. Victoria participated as a volunteer in various community organisations, committing to the satisfactory task of aiding others to improve their lives.


Thomas Tschanz, economist specialised in sustainability, energy and health.


He is an economist graduated from the University of Bern in Switzerland, with focus on green economy. He also studied a semester abroad at the University Carlos III de Madrid in Spain. Thomas is fluent in five languages and has a passion for cultures, healthy lifestyles as well as sustainability; since he believes that all this domains are linked and work together. He has also certifications in Latin American Leadership from the University of Georgetown in Washington D.C. and Fitness Training and Nutrition from NPTI in the United States.

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